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Air pollution‚ smoking‚ viruses‚ and genetic conditions can cause you to have breathing difficulties. Coughing‚ wheezing‚ and phlegm can occur due to bronchitis‚ asthma‚ coughs‚ and other lung irritations. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that respiratory problems are related to problems with your Qi‚ a circulating life force within your body. According to ancient practices‚ the Qi of your lungs should circulate downwards; when it circulates upwards‚ respiratory problems may develop. Stress‚ poor diet‚ and exposure to toxins may cause problems with your Qi.

Health Concerns’ Clean Air is a Chinese herbal supplement designed to make your Qi circulate downwards in order to maintain respiratory system health‚ clear your lungs‚ reduce phlegm‚ and ease coughing. You can take this natural supplement to relieve coughing‚ wheezing‚ and phlegm. This supplement may also be useful in combination with Western medications or other supplements. Some of the active herbal ingredients in Clean Air tablets include:

    • Perilla fruit su zi‚ to help direct your Qi downwards
    • Bai qian bai qian‚ which may get rid of excess phlegm
    • Apricot seed ku xing ren‚ to help stop coughing and wheezing
    • Morus cortex sang bai pi‚ which may help treat minor upper respiratory tract infections
    • Tylophora extract leaf‚ which may help you breathe easier
    • Schizandra fruit wu wei zi‚ to stop coughing

This 90-tablet bottle of Clean Air by Health Concerns will last between 10 to 15 days when you take it at the recommended dosage of three tablets two to three times daily‚ between meals. Ask your doctor about the right dosage for your condition.

Health Concerns is dedicated to providing quality herbal therapies to its customers. The company has taken herbal therapies that have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and put in a more convenient tablet form.

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