Dewy Fuit Sensory Lubricant


70 pieces purring in 8.4 oz violet glass. Samples available. *Shipped with cold pack insulation when sent to warmer locations. We delay shipping if the destination temperature exceeds 85F/30C that week. 

Dewy Fruit is a Sensory Lubricant for vaginal dryness, caused by Yin deficiency, blood deficiency and / or low estrogen. It is for symptoms of dryness, low libido, cramping, reduced sensation, difficulty reaching orgasm, vaginismus, anxiety during sexual intimacy and infertility. As a sensory lubricant, it works for everyone involved, all genders. You may experience increased fireworks after 15mins.

Organic cacao butter fruits with pesticide free premium Chinese herbs and natural actives:

  • Natural Vitamin E from non GMO sunflower seeds
  • Select Probiotics to support a healthy vaginal pH and biome
  • Dang Gui C02 extract plus our blend of 5 Chinese herbs
  • Supports healthy vaginal fluids and natural dew response
  • Enhances sensory experience for all bodies
  • NOT suitable for use with latex condoms, as oils may break down the latex
  • 5% of profits from Dewy Fruit sales here at Bio HerboloQi LLC will be donated to organizations that assist women, children and men to heal and recover from sexual abuse as well as organizations that assist sexual health education. 

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