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Wind Tea from Botanical Biohacking is a combination of two formulas: San Ren Tang and Xiao Chai Hu Tang.

Xiao Chai Hu tang is one of the safest and most commonly used herbal formulas in Asia for acute & chronic Viral infections including influenza, shingles (herpes zoster), and Epstein-Barr virus. It has been successfully used to treat chronic Hepatitis C and even certain types of liver cancer.

San Ren tang is a gentle addition to the formula which allows it greater applicability to the Lymphatic system where chronic pathogens accumulate and facilitates the reduction of biofilm (a mucus-like substance which harbors chronic infections).

The herbal combination was created by Dr. Jin Zhao in Chengdu who recognized that many modern patients come with complex lifestyle that leads to systemic dampness and a Qi dynamic that is disordered.

Traditionally used for relief from:

-Allergies and post nasal drip

-Preventing and treating common colds and flus

-Chronic infectious conditions, especially viral and bacteria infections

-Fibromyalgia: Wandering Pain

-Immune System Dysfunction and some presentations of Autoimmunity

Many of the conditions for which this tea is traditionally used involve infectious viruses, bacteria, toxic mold, and other pathogens or toxic pollutants that confuse the human immune system and impede the movement of lymph.

Wind tea improves lymphatic drainage, dissolves biofilm and slays chronic infectious pathogens to help orient the immune system back into proper function.

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