Xiao Chai Hu Extra dual extract


Xiao Chai Hu Extra is a modified version of the traditional formula Xiao Chai Hu Tang. It is used to clear early stage and latent pathogens, or harmonize shaoyang disharmony. 

This version is a dual extract spagyric tincture which has been uniquely modified to enhance these functions:

  • Release the exterior to clear wind cold or wind heat pathogens
  • Antiviral and antiparasitic modifications to enhance the effect for gu syndrome, the gut biome and digestive symptoms
  • Transforms middle jiao damp
  • Supports biome mediated immunity
  • Reduces symptoms and duration of early stage pathogenic attacks
  • Harmonizes Shao Yang disorder

A spagyric tincture has been married with an organic medicinal honey menstruum to create this dual extract. The result is a semi-sweet yet potently bioavailable herbal medicine. It tastes like a delicious ginger aromatic syrup and is easy to take. It only takes a minute to start releasing the exterior and harmonizing shao yang.

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