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Emily offers a unique, gentle and emollient shampoo formulated specifically for animals. Based largely on Emily Liquid Soap Soother and, like all Emily products, formulated to be simple, natural and effective for sensitive skin.

Emily Furry Friend Shampoo is unscented and consists of a base of organic oils plus 4 herbs that have been cooked separately in organic oil and added to the base to give it superior moisturizing, emollient and soothing qualities. This unique process of blending an oil base with cooked herbs is what makes it work so well.

The Base:
•Saponified Organic Coconut Oil
•Saponified Organic Olive Oil
•Saponified Organic Jojoba Oil
•Organic Guar Gum Extract
•Organic Aloe Vera
•Rosemary Extract

The Herbs:
•Rehmannia Root
•Angelica Sinensis Root
•Dandelion Herb
•Field Mint

There is nothing else. Just an effective, healthy, unscented shampoo that lathers well and will leave a pet’s coat clean and soft.

Available in 8 oz. bottles.

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