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Reiki at Tigerlily Holistic: Embark on a healing journey of relaxation. Our skilled practitioners use gentle, non-invasive therapy to guide your life energy, promoting balance, tranquility, and well-being.


Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Reiki can trigger your body's natural healing capabilities and stimulate relaxation response.

Emotional Healing

Reiki can help release emotional blockages, promoting mental clarity and emotional stability.

Pain Relief

Many individuals have reported relief from chronic pain and illness after Reiki sessions.

Boosts Immune System

Regular Reiki sessions can lead to improved immune function.

Enhances Spiritual Growth

Reiki can deepen your connection with your spiritual self.

Improves Focus

Regular Reiki treatments can help improve concentration and clarity.

Treatment Approach

Our approach to Reiki therapy involves personalized treatment plans tailored to your individual needs.


Initial Consultation


Personalized Treatment Plan


Reiki Session


Post-Session Review


Continuous Support

Conditions Treated

Acupuncture can effectively address a wide range of conditions, including:


Chronic Pain


Heart Disease



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Stress and Anxiety

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Reiki is a method of energy healing in which a practitioner places their hands over energy centers on the client’s body in order to activate the flow of life force energy.

During and after a 50-minute session which augments the healing process, clients typically feel peaceful, and enjoy a greater sense of clarity.

Reiki can provide calm in emergencies and offer comfort during times of turmoil or illness.

During a Reiki session, stress is gently released and afterwards the client is able to resume their day with a renewed sense of optimism.

During a Reiki session, you will lie down on a massage table fully clothed while the practitioner places their hands lightly on or over your body.

A typical Reiki session lasts between 50 minutes.

The number of sessions varies based on individual needs. This will be discussed during the initial consultation.

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Don’t let pain and stress hold you back. Experience the transformative power of acupuncture at our clinic right here in Queens, NYC. Our expert practitioners are ready to guide you on your path to healing and wellness.

Whether you’re new to acupuncture or a returning patient, we’re committed to making your journey as comfortable and effective as possible. Take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life. Book your appointment today and discover the difference holistic care can make.

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Eloise de Leon, Reiki Master

Reiki Energy Healing/​Emotional Freedom Technique

Eloise (she/her) is a wellness practitioner from California whose work in the health field began in the 1970s as a lay midwife. In the 80s & 90s, she pursued academia, and earned an M.A. in cross cultural counseling and an M.F.A. in Visual Arts. In 2001, she began training as an energy healer. In 2001, she became a Reiki practitioner and became certified in many healing modalities. She became a Reiki Master in 2005. From 2016 – 2018, she served in the Peace Corps in the Healthy Schools program in Guatemala. Among her many activities, she taught EFT (tapping on acupressure points) for stress reduction to educators and their students and taught several Reiki courses to Guatemalans and Peace Corps Volunteers. At Tigerlily Holistic, she is pleased to offer her favorite healing modalities:  an energy healing session of Reiki & Jin Shin Jyutsu; and personalized Flower Essence Blends for one’s life/soul alignment. 

Dar, Reiki Master

Reiki Energy Healing

Dar (they/them) is a Two-Spirited healer who comes from a legacy of indigenous leaders and healers from the Houma Nation–a small Tribe located in Southeast Louisiana. Dar’s great grandmother Hilda was a “Traiteuse”–a Native Cajun Folk healer. Hilda’s daughter Laura was the Chief of their tribe, and taught her grandchild Dar about their culture and practiced Houma traditions together. Though Hilda died before passing down her knowledge directly to Dar, the long lineage of healing through touch has inspired Dar to heal themself and their community through the combination of different practices.

While Dar was pursuing their BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies, they were introduced to Reiki for the first time. Inspired by the parallels between their great grandmother’s practice and Reiki, Dar got certified within a year. Seven years later in 2022, Dar is a certified Reiki Master, they have learned from other Traiteuses in their bayou community, and is finally following in their great grandmother’s footsteps.

Energy Healing: These sessions can provide support and relief from any number of issues such as energetic blockages, anxiety, depression, addiction, gender dysphoria. Dar’s own experiences with these issues inform their practice, and their goal is always to get you back to/ on the path towards perfect alignment. Anyone and everyone are welcome.