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According to proponents of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)‚ the herbs in Health Concerns’ Astra-C (Jade Screen Plus) could potentially work to strengthen immunity. Specifically‚ these herbs—which include white atractylodes (bai zhu)‚ siler root (fang feng)‚ and astragalus root—may help address some symptoms related to mild upper respiratory infections.

Each serving of Astra-C (Jade Screen Plus) also contains 250 milligrams of vitamin C‚ since vitamin C has the potential to alleviate some signs of mild rhinitis‚ including sneezing or a stuffy nose.

Finally‚ Astra-C (Jade Screen Plus) provides 10 milligrams of zinc citrate per serving. Zinc is a mineral that could potentially work to lessen the duration and severity of certain symptoms associated with the common cold‚ such as a runny nose‚ sore throat‚ or cough.

Take two tablets four times daily between meals. At the recommended dosage‚ every 90-tablet bottle of Astra-C (Jade Screen Plus) by Health Concerns should last for about 11 days.

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